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Live Review: Nardean checks herself in the glorious 'Nothing Matters'

11 April 2018 | 3:59 pm | Jackson Langford

There's something so beautiful yet so seemingly bleak about the way NARDEAN has constructed and crafted 'Nothing Matters'.

Our place in this world has been the subject matter of art since the beginning of time. Our quest to find out purpose here, if any, pretty much keeps our existence going. Sometimes, we can feel like we're ravaging through a wilderness of uncertainty, unclarity and, ultimately, trauma of all kinds just to make it through the week. It's exhausting and can be quite discouraging to say the least. However, as we're running through the thick jungle of life, NARDEAN - and her new jam 'Nothing Matters' - wants us to stop and smell the flowers.

As the delicate and soothing melody wafts in, with glitched notes making way for a jazzy orchestration to carry the verses, Nardean wastes no time in making sure you close your eyes and assess where you are. "One day I found out the secret/It's all just matter/And if it that is true, then I guess that nothing matters," she sings calmly, encouraging you to take a breath.

She then bursts into a history lesson of a rap, talking about what was here before we were and then imploring us to contemplate the vastness of this life and our existence. "There's no class for magic/It's everywhere you think you're lacking," she spits, imbuing her work with a therapeutic spirituality and allowing herself, and the rest of us, to feel centred once again in a life that can often feel unbalanced.

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There's something so beautiful yet so seemingly bleak about the way Nardean has constructed and crafted 'Nothing Matters'. The combination of both undeniable history and unclassifiable emotion to make a song about how mishaps don't matter is an interesting and perhaps a completely new approach, but Nardean does it with passion in her voice, a twinkle in her eye and her hand on your shoulder - it's all going to be OK.

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