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Live Review: 'Say Nothing' and listen to Muto's new track with Emerson Leif

16 August 2017 | 11:52 am | Max Lewis

Sydney Electronic producer Muto teams up with Emerson Leif to deliver a sexy and atmospheric taste of his upcoming debut EP.

Sydney producer MUTO has given us the first taste of his upcoming EP in the form of 'Say Nothing' featuring vocals by Emerson Leif. After rising through the electronic ranks with prime cuts 'Through the Fog' and 'Wildfire', 'Say Nothing' displays a more refined vision and is a promising sign of the future.

With 'Say Nothing', Muto delivers a groovy electronic cut, capable of creating dreamy atmosphere and pounding dancefloor vibes on a dime. Bright, fluttery pads build the texture while Emerson Leif's vocals build a picture of intense longing. The track remains restrained in all the right parts, giving little tastes of intensity here and there but leaving the listener wanting right up until the chorus explodes with deliciously warm, warbling synths and crisp, hard hitting percussion. When the vocals, synths, pads and percussion all heap on top of each other, the tracks comes alive in every sense of the word.

'Say Nothing' seems like a logical progression from Muto's previous singles. It's darker and more seductive, showcasing a more minimal style of production where every sound earns its place. It's a promising taste of what's to come - here's hoping his debut EP due in October can match the sexy vibes delivered with 'Say Nothing'.

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In support of the single and his upcoming EP Muto is touring nationally, so be sure to hit up his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the details!

Words by Max Lewis