Live Review: Take a deep breath of Muki's 'Gold Oxygen'

20 April 2018 | 8:55 am | Holly O'Neill

The new track from Sydney's MUKI is a self empowerment roller coaster, with an infectious energy that will have you feeling like you can do anything

Sydney's MUKI has only been on the scene for a year now but with each release, she is proving she's one of the most refreshing voices in the Aussie pop scene. Her latest release 'Gold Oxygen' joins a handful of strong singles all boasting empowered vocals backed with twisted production. This new track sets Muki's sights on anyone who doesn't think she can do whatever she wants however she wants to do it.

This track is a total rollercoaster, with so many different experiences wrapped up in a little under three minutes. A soothing chord progression and lyrical hook is the most conventional pop element of this track, easing us into Muki's world with her piercing vocals. In complete contrast to the bridges, percussion heavy verses ground brash rap style delivery as she really bites into her haters.

Pads and percussion come together in the chorus, where the two separate worlds collide as Muki soars with a bold energy. Of the song she says 'Gold Oxygen' is an anti-haters anthem; "It is about believing in yourself and drowning out other people’s negativity by being your own supporter. It is about having the attitude that if people don’t accept you or support you then they aren’t worth your energy. Ultimately it is about having the courage to do YOU despite the opinion of others.”

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Self empowerment oozes from every twinkling sample in 'Gold Oxygen'. In fact, Muki's whole presence in the Australian scene as being an unapologetic and totally unique artist further pushes her musical message. Her tracks have an infectious energy that make you feel like you could take on anything and the hyperactive production and commanding confidence of 'Gold Oxygen' proves no one does pop like Muki can.