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Live Review: Morgan Wright's introspective 'Coburg' EP is an essential listen

12 April 2019 | 10:55 am | Caitlin Medcalf

It's all killer, no filler on Melbourne producer MORGAN WRIGHT's debut EP, Coburg . Out on local label Pelvis, known purveyors of tasteful club music and graphic design masters, the four-track EP explores sounds ranging from introspective melancholy to hard-out 90's rave.

His exploration into music saw him grow up in a variety of hardcore bands, but he'd always had an interest in electronic music which followed him into his late 20's and has resulted in his first long form release.

Coburg opens on the A-side with 'The Tell', a stuttered breakbeat tune with an apt vocal element, driven forth by its ability to be a huge dancefloor filler, or something to sit alone and think to. Teeming with glitchy melodies, the beauty of the track is its ability to feel full even when the instrumental's been stripped right back.

A2 'The Stab' is a rave track, through and through. The kick coming in takes charge of the track's direction, and immediately it's filled with life. The minimal echo on the key harkens back to the 80's era of electronica, and through the nostalgia the top line evokes, you'll be instantly hooked.

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On the flip, B1 sees DJ Zozi (AKA D.Tiffany) deliver her signature ear for crafting complex soundscapes on her remix of 'The Tell'. Static satellite sounds are aplenty here, with that crispy, stuttered breakbeat taking the charge. This hefty club-cut brings the original out of its introspective original context, and throwing it headfirst into a directive pool of rave-ready percussion.

And the record finishes with B2's 'The Step'. This particular track sees Wright in his element, a delicate echoed piano dancing tentatively over a pummelling breakbeat and a sluggish bout of dub bass. Lush pads come in at around the minute and a half mark, making way for spiralled vocals. Wright's specialty is electronic music to really think about, and 'The Step' marks the best way to close a record that fits so many different sonic contexts.

The record comes at an important time in electronic music. There's a real sense of harkening back to the 90's happening in electronic music right now. This rave-revival of sorts is seeing complex iterations of it pop up across the world, but it's artists like Wright that use this to their advantage, constantly diversifying and finding new ways to adapt and innovate.

Photo by Sarah Pannell