Live Review: Mookhi and Billy Fox team up for gorgeous 'Foul Play'

8 February 2017 | 7:38 am | Jackson Langford

It's always so mind blowing when a new artist produces something that is not only beautiful, but beyond what veterans in the industry are doing. MOOKHI, a new Sydney-based producer, is proving that her name is worth remembering as she enchants with her debut single 'Foul Play.'

"'Foul Play' was produced on a plane," says Moohki. "With sleep deprivation and that sense of dislocation from anything rational, I started butchering some of my piano chords." From that complete sense of disillusionment from reality and perhaps from the depth of her subconscious, Mookhi has given us this stunning, understated gem. It's down-tempo electronica that still has quite the bounce to it. The song welds effortless pop sensibility with a gloomy dynamic that is polished off with Billy Fox's breathy, lush vocals.

Mookhi grew up in both Hong Kong and India, which means she remains somewhat in tune with Eastern melodies that the rest of us might not necessarily be aware of. That eclectic mix of backgrounds gives Mookhi the ultimate platform to dominate - her knowledge of what's popular on our own shores combined with the hidden gems of an unknown world means she is destined for great things, and it would be a disservice to our musical horizons if we were to ignore it.

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