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Live Review: Moktar releases his debut single, 'Silk' via Steel City Dance Discs

4 August 2021 | 11:50 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

Egyptian/Australian producer Moktar has been teasing his incredible sound for a little while now, releasing his debut single, 'Silk'.

Egyptian/Australian producer Moktar has been teasing his incredible sound for a little while now. With club appearances across Warrang/Sydney and Naarm/Melbourne, he's established himself as a DJ on the rise. Now, he unveils his debut single, 'Silk', out now via Steel City Dance Discs. With 'Silk' and his project holistically, he combines dark sounds of club and underground techno with traditional Arabic instrumentation, emphasising his Egyptian Australian identity. With it, he's breaking the repetitiveness of traditional club percussion with complex and traditional rhythmic ideas.

'Silk' starts as a club tool and banger. Gorgeous percussion sections combine with a slamming kick drum and an eerie melodic line. As the beat builds a vocal sample enters the mix, with each individual element serving an efficient and effective purpose. As the track builds, so does its meaning. It's latter half features a mega-euphoric synth line, evoking more than just a club banger. It's reflective, it's gorgeous and hits in all the right places.

On the creation of 'Silk', Moktar stated, 'My inspiration behind Silk has a lot to do with my struggles growing up in Australia navigating racism. I was ashamed of being Egyptian and embarrassed by my culture. I was made to believe that being Middle Eastern only came with negative connotations throughout most of my life. Silk represents how I feel today - the luxury of being comfortable and the ability to move around freely, both physically and spiritually. A constant reminder that racism is only one of many obstacles to overcome in life. I wanted to be able to share my story through this single.. today I am proud to be Egyptian.'

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