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Live Review: Miss Blanks is back to 'Freq U' with new dance floor filler

3 August 2017 | 9:56 am | Holly O'Neill

Resident bad bitch of Brisbane MISS BLANKS is back with a new track that's dance floor ready and packed with commanding lyrics: 'Freq U'

MISS BLANKS is the resident bad bitch of Brisbane with a silver tongue and a taste for club beats. She's also pretty prolific and has released a slew of NSFW tracks this year already. 'Freq U' is her most recent addition and her most pop flavoured release yet. Taking her sound in a new direction, this track is dance floor ready and packed with commanding lyrics.

She raps over a thumping club beat in true Miss Blanks style, rhyming about sleeping with and scamming boys. Her flow is unrelenting and fun, completely unapologetic in between smooth crooning choruses. Produced with long time collaborator tomtom, the track has an old school RnB style to it while still keeping it modern enough to fill dance floors.

Across her music, Miss Blanks continues to champion femme empowerment and exude confidence in herself and her sexuality. These positive, in-your-face messages are a refreshing change to the Australian rap scene and with this track she delivers all of this with shameless joy.

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Miss Blanks says 'Freq U' is a fun track for women who like to party and have fun. “Whether that’s out to the clubs, drinks and a dance with friends, etc. It’s a major screw you to all the guys who get predatory when it comes to their engagement with women in clubs/bars and a major high five to the women who are not phased by their actions and just there to do their own thing.” Tell 'em girl.

Club primed and completely addictive, 'Freq U' is a new but welcome direction for Miss Blanks. This new pop direction could see this release as a straight up crossover hit, expanding Miss Blanks' already large influence.

Image: Savvy Creative