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Live Review: PREMIERE: Get to know MIMI and her debut single, 'Bad Girls Know'

23 August 2018 | 10:33 am | Emma Jones

"Party with MIMI" gets a whole new meaning with Melbourne's MIMI's debut single full of bad bitch energy, 'Bad Girls Know'.

If you have ever witnessed a DJ set from MIMI, her tagline "Party with MIMI" makes sense immediately. If you haven't yet, I urge you to make it along whenever you can to witness the human party she is. A renowned DJ across the country, Melbourne's MIMI is the epitome of a good time - effervescent, high energy, upbeat vibes and just so much fun. Her DJ sets have seen her perform at festivals across Australia and support huge names and while she could totally just continue to kill it as a fantastic DJ, she's also one to push herself and try new things, the latest of which we are thrilled to bring you today.

MIMI's debut single, 'Bad Girls Know', is a trap-tinged trip with bad bitch energy aplenty and display of her masterful knack of songwriting. Having studied jazz and previously having aspirations to become a jazz singer, MIMI's trained roots as an artist are highlighted here, all the while having just as much fun as ever. You can hear her wry smile as she sings the seductive lyrics, her stunning voice perfectly suited for the dark beats swelling below her vocal.

'Bad Girls Know' is the first of hopefully a whole lot more to come from MIMI, and an exciting sign of an artist really only just getting started. She's nailed being a DJ, now she's going to absolutely smash her next evolution as an artist. Teaming up with rising label CRUSH CLUB RECORDS, it's a perfect fit for MIMI and we truly cannot wait to see what she does next. We got to know her a little better, and you can check out our chat below!

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Who are you?

In an alternate world I would be a 60's Go-Go dancer at the Whiskey-A-GoGo, I would be a dancer on SOUL TRAIN in the 70s, partying at Studio 54 and DJing house parties in California in the 90's. In this lifetime, I am a DJ, singer, have a lust for life and I'm the best bitch you'll ever meet. 

How did MIMI come to be?

I studied jazz music at the Victorian College of the Arts and thought I was going to be a jazz singer, I then become obsessed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, saw Alison Wonderland and that made me fall madly in love with being a party DJ. Played a bunch of amazing shows and festivals and now we're here making bangers for bad bitches over the last year. I'm so excited for this next chapter as a vocalist and performer. The time feels right for everyone to know about it. 

What are we talking, vibes-wise?

Like any good party, it's got a bit of everything. Hip hop, electro, alternative, pop, dance. I love a lot of kinds of music and music-moods and I think my sound will be a combination of all the things I love. 

Tell us a bit about your new single, Bad Girls Know? 

I wrote 90% of the song in about 30 minutes on my phone memo whilst driving home after a session with the producer. It's a 'love thyself' anthem when you're getting ready to go out, girl power, expression through fashion, feeling like a million bucks even if you're wearing rhinestones, driving in your own lane. When I say 'bad girls' It's not about 'bad' meaning 'evil' but bad ass like 'Bad Gal Riri'. Bad Girls Know how to have a good time.

What can we expect from you moving forward? 

more DJ shows, merch, party-playlists more PARTY WITH MIMI TV (up on my FB and IGTV) talking shit and having a good time with familiar faces and most importantly - a full live show performance away from the DJ decks. I have the whole concept of the show in my head ready to go. 

Where can we hear more of your work? 

Interview by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied