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Live Review: Milan Ring's 'Obscured' is clear and crisp R&B at its finest

28 May 2018 | 8:08 am | Jackson Langford

Milan Ring's 'Obscured' serves as a beautiful and enveloping ode to those who have felt abandonment, but everything here has never felt more at home.

As soon as the opening notes of 'Obscured' creep their way in, it feels like MILAN RING is here to give you a long, warm, firm hug. Everything about the song beams of a cozy winter night, red wine in hand. It's both tender and seductive, heartwarming and confronting. 'Obscured' is a vivid masterclass in passionate songwriting and Milan Ring is letting you know exactly how it's done.

There's something beautifully homemade and organic about the way in which all the elements of 'Obscured' swirl together. The dense synths spring off the fluttering guitar notes, while Milan Ring's rich, chocolatey vocals dip, weave and twirl through it all. It's a song where every layer is given just the right amount of spotlight, and it never feels like one element is trying to drown out another. The song is a testament to sonic symbiosis, and her voice is completely spellbinding to say the least.

In a song where everything feels so connected, it's ironic that Milan Ring says the song is about disconnection. "This song is dedicated to my father & grandmother and all people who have experienced any kind of disconnection, abandonment, or displacement in their lives," she says.

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"My father grew up by the sea in a little fishing village in Hong Kong. He grew up without his mother, left in the care of his father who was a troubled alcoholic. His upbringing was anything but easy - he worked constantly and under extremely difficult and dangerous conditions. But he never faltered; my father’s intelligence and strength pushed him forward to pursue his own greatness. Decades later, after moving to Australia and as an adult with two young children, my father found his mother. At the age of 3, I traveled with him to San Francisco for their reintroduction."

Milan Ring's 'Obscured' serves as a beautiful, enchanting and completely enveloping ode to those who have felt abandonment, but everything here has never felt more at home.

Image: Supplied