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Live Review: Milan Ring is empowering and hypnotic on 'Green Light'

6 December 2018 | 12:53 pm | Max Lewis

Multi-talented Sydney artist and alt-r&b master Milan Ring presents an empowering ode to a powerful woman on 'Green Light', her most impressive track yet.

She's a producer, writer, rapper, singer, multi-instrumentalist, mixing and mastering genius and also runs her own label. She's also just dropped her fifth (5th) and final track of 2018, and, if that's not enough, it's an absolute banger. She's none other than MILAN RING, and her latest offering 'Green Light' shows exactly why she's absolutely dominated this year, and why 2019 is set to be the year she truly finds her own.

Milan Ring is all about silky smooth alt-r&b with notes of electronic pop and a bit of hip-hop production thrown in. Blending digital beats and samples with analogue recordings of guitars and other instruments, Milan Ring's unique vibe sets her apart from her contemporaries like Banks. Co-produced by BLESSED, 'Green Light' is an empowering ode to the idea of a strong woman. "As soon as BLESSED and I jammed out this beat, I had this whole movie play out in my head. This flash of Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof came across my mind and I saw this strong confident woman who knows exactly who she is and what she wants taking charge and control."

The moment the beat drops this aura of overwhelming confidence absolutely shines through, making 'Green Light' one of Milan Ring's most fascinating songs to date. With an intoxicating bass melody booming beneath pounding trap-adjacent percussion, haunted guitar notes and Milan Ring's slowly building vocals, it crafts this hypnotic atmosphere evoking both the sheer power of the character in question, and the awe it would inspire in those around her. The luxuriating pace really lets you picture a tense scene happening in slow motion - a testament to how effective Milan Ring is at telling a story.

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There's been many keen eyes on Milan Ring for some time because of her really stellar songwriting, production and utterly unique vibe, but I feel like 'Green Light' is going to be the one that makes everyone take notice. It's such an impressive track in too many ways to count, and proof that Milan Ring is one effortlessly talented artist.

Photo by iso4.0.9

Words by MAX LEWIS