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Live Review: PREMIERE: Mikey Young remixes Music Yared's 'Sindayo'

30 March 2021 | 11:49 am | Emma Jones

Ahead of a new EP out next month on Music In Exile, we have the first look at the new clip for Mikey Young's remix of Music Yared.

In a cross-cultural collaboration, Mikey Young of Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring has teamed up with Ethiopian and Eritrean musicians Music Yared for a new remix EP. Set for release on Music In Exile, the EP (titled SINDAYO - MIKEY YOUNG REMIXES) will feature remixes of an original track from Music Yared’s self titled debut EP. We were treated to the first taste of this EP last week in the form of Young's 'Masinko' remix, and today we are thrilled to premiere the accompanying visuals for you.

Effortlessly melding so many sonic worlds, Young kicks things off with the original sounds before plunging into a deep groove complete with samples stuttered throughout, blooming melodies, driving beats and heavenly synth pads. It's impressively done, building on the already-brilliant original while holding its own as an entirely new being. In the way that Boys Noize completely reinvigorates Omar S while still allowing space for the original, Mikey Young's remix expertise does exactly that while making space for Music Yared to shine.

Created by Raven Mahon, the film clip is fitting of the chugging, exhilarating and consuming energy of the remix. Mahon said of the video, “The film clip for Mikey's remix of Music Yared's Sindayo came from my personal reflections on living far from my own place of origin."

"I imagine the connections remain visceral forever, and feel that we share something in that experience that I could express in the clip. I chose a few objects which I brought to Australia with me and placed them in a hall of mirrors to capture the way memory detaches and duplicates over time and exists in a vaguely defined and limitless space. The colours are a reflection of the bright and buoyant nature of their sounds.”

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Watch the music video and listen to the newest single from Music Yared and Mikey Young, Sindayo (Mikey Young’s Masinko Remix - Radio Edit), ahead of the digital and limited edition vinyl EP release on April 9, via Music in Exile.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Luke Byrne