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Live Review: Mickey Kojak channels some funky feels on 'Get Out'

22 June 2018 | 9:24 am | Holly O'Neill

It's been a while since we've heard from MICKEY KOJAK, the multidisciplinary muso that thrives in electronic soundscapes and across introspective lyricism. Following his Surrender EP last year, we finally have 'Get Out', a taste of what he's been working on and a chance to show off some new skills for the producer. Written and recorded entirely by the man himself, on this track he flexes his mad skills on the keys, production, in the vocals and, after teaching himself in his home studio, the drums!

'Get Out' kicks off with a drum beat and funky synth melodies, setting the scene for Kojak's moody vocals. It marks a change for the artist; where his last productions could be compared to the synth hugeness of TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS, here the minimal layering and funky composition evokes more of the charm of indie pop group METRONOMY. Of this change Kojak said he was inspired by the song's material, explaining "in the song itself, everything has been stripped down to the bare essentials so the message of the song has a suitable platform.”

Across the track he grapples with his emotions, fighting a losing battle in a relationship before calling it quits. His songwriting moves like an argument, laying out his reasons why and reiterating his position: We. Are. Done.

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"The catalyst for “Get Out” was the struggle of being in a long-term relationship that isn't working," said Kojak "Realising that the easiest option to resolving a problem isn't always the best option." Through the production, he plays off repetitive synth lines like they're his own trains of thought, all growing and leading to a messy resolution. Building to a final catharsis, the layers of funky bass and chirpy melodies warp and twist. The intensity builds, as Kojak's vocals are layered with his own augmented harmonies and all the synths are pushed into glitchy compression.

'Get Out' is the first track off an upcoming EP for Mickey Kojak, set to explore new synthesis and recording techniques if this tune is anything to go by. This track melds the intimate lyricism and electronic touch with a tangible live energy, that has us excited to see what else is to come.

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