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Live Review: LISTEN: Metronomy 'Love Letters' (Soulwax Remix)

13 March 2014 | 1:25 pm | Nick Luke

Listen to Soulwax's mind-breaking remix of Metronomy's 'Love Letters'.

The legendary Belgian electronic group SOULWAX are back in the spotlight yet again. What could it be this time? An hour-long slowed down gabber video mixtape? A Grand Theft Auto V curated radio station? Guess again - it's a superbly freaky remix of METRONOMY's 'Love Letters'.

In true innovative SOULWAX fashion, the blokes have gone full throttle with their re-construction of 'Love Letters'. Building the track up from scratch all over again, replacing and re-inventing every part of the original tune into a funkified dancefloor melter, SOULWAX seemingly leave only the vocal line intact whilst driving the bass knob up to eleven.

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Over a stunning 6-minute lifespan, the remix goes from dancefloor disco to acid-inspired techno without skipping a beat, proving once again that SOULWAX are indeed the masters of their sound, and can do anything they want to a track and still be able to pull it off with flying colours - yes, even the inclusion of the tracks original trumpet solo.

METRONOMY's latest album 'Love Letters' is out right now via Itunes.

Words by Nick Luke