Live Review: MELTY is the master of club 'Ceremony' with new banger

5 June 2017 | 9:38 pm | Holly O'Neill

MELTY is back with a that track feels like the soundtrack to a final boss battle in a magical video game; intense, unrelenting and fast.

Prolific producer MELTY is at it again with a new track, 'Ceremony', this being his fifth release of 2017. Every new release seems to explore something new, he's drawn inspiration from grime, vogue, house and club before all giving them his signature dark twist. 'Ceremony' draws a bit of inspiration from trance and donk and feels like soundtrack to a final boss battle in a magical video game; it's intense, unrelenting and fast.

Before the 30 second mark hits we're already inundated with huge bass steadily introducing the beat and building up from that single melody line. Rattlesnake-like shakers float in and out in the few quieter moments in this track, with most of the percussion in the breakdowns lead by the bass and complementary hats. At its peak, this track is euphoric as a computerised voice and rising kicks lead into a wall of trance synths that move the melody over the bass and skittering percussion.

MELTY usually favours large dissonant sounds, but this track feels more melodic as the repeated main line is picked up by a number of flute-like synths and trance pads over the song. But, don't assume this track is any less grand than a MELTY production- the large donk style kick pulses among skittering staccato lines will prove you wrong. The depth of production is huge, with layers of intense, reverberated synths punctuated with that large bass making for a scope that is prime to shake down any venue it's played at.

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'Ceremony' is available for download now and make sure you check out the animated cover art in all its glory on MELTY's Facebook too.