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Live Review: Look forward to 'Better Days' with Mel Bailey's neo-soul chill

15 December 2017 | 3:20 pm | Max Lewis

Sydney's latest neo-soul sensation Mel Bailey has dropped 'Better Days', her debut single featuring a 6-piece band delivering a chill combo of RnB and Jazz.

One of Sydney's finest RnB / Neo-soul artists MEL BAILEY has finally made her debut with 'Better Days', a laid back and jazzy single that sees the singer teaming up with a 6-piece band.

Produced with Matt Fioravanti and featuring piano from Kwame collaborator Nikos Smallman, 'Better Days' features a stripped-back and natural sound that lets the soulful vocals and emotional lyrics of Mel Bailey do the talking. While she sings of the hope to escape from her life with someone special, the instrumental sounds equal parts melancholic yet hopeful, with the bittersweet keys and lethargic, often syncopated drums setting a slow pace. The accompanying sax and trumpet melodies bring a more retro-jazz sound which, alongside the layers of Mel Bailey's vocals, brings to mind the sound of a dusty record full of warm vibes.

What's special about 'Better Days' is the almost infectious optimism the track is layered with. For every down-tempo moment in the track there's an equally uplifting and authentic moment around the corner. "A bad day is always coupled with a better day, if you search for it," contends Mel  Bailey; if you're lucky, you might find it within this track.

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'Better Days' is a stunning debut for Mel Bailey, displaying her soulful vocals, relatable lyrics and impeccable songwriting. With a debut EP due in January produced by none other than Sydney artist KwameMel Bailey is definitely one to watch.