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Live Review: Move to a message with May Lyn's 'Soldiers'

12 June 2017 | 7:52 am | Lloyd Crackett

May Lyn's sweet flow and textured production have gifted us with 'Soldiers', a rnb track about the political state of Mayalsia and corrupt authorities

MAY LYN’s latest single ‘Solders’ is a versatile track employing RnB sensibilities with such ease that you can bop along carefree. But, upon closer inspection – with even a glance of the critical eye, May Lyn has neatly snuck in her message. The soldiers she is singing about aren’t metaphorical, there’s no army allegories here – it’s straight up a criticism. Utilising her sweet flow and textured production, May Lyn’s gone all out and created a track to doof and think to.

‘Soldiers’ is one of a few releases from May Lyn after winning the Triple J Unearthed NIDA comp, which sees her working with NIDA, one of Australian’s leading acting schools to create a video clip to be debuted on Rage. It’s obvious why she won when you listen to a track like ‘Soldiers’, the production is immaculate with all the recognisable hip hop structures; hi-hats ticking off, a healthy dose of bass and slick chorus to keep you on track. But it’s the layered, off-kilter noises like the beginning steel drums, wet noises and other textured synths that set the track apart. The lyrics, as described by May Lyn are “about freedom of speech, authority, violence and oppression. I was thinking about the politically corrupt state of Malaysia and how freedom of speech is constantly being censored or criminalised."

Interestingly and kind of funnily, May Lyn repeats ‘left right’ throughout, which easily can be taken as a call to dance. It’s almost as if she snuck in her message amidst the natural instinct to groove, “Soldiers of tomorrow, fighting a lost cause”. It’s a brilliant way to be political without abrasiveness, a frankly honest message attached to a hook that’ll bore its way into your brain just as well as a carefree track about partying. May Lyn is talented writer and producer, using her skills truly to the best of her ability, speaking up on issues that concern her in the way she knows best – music.

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May Lyn will be performing in Brisbane later in the month, on June 30th at The Brightside supporting Tora. Keep updated with the talented Brisbane powerhouse before she gets scooped up and swept across the nation.

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