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Live Review: Motivate yourself with Marie Davidson's new single 'Work It'

27 September 2018 | 9:18 am | Holly O'Neill

Over dense drum machines, self confessed workaholic MARIE DAVIDSON acts as your own personal business coach in her commanding new single 'Work It'

Montreal producer MARIE DAVIDSON is a self confessed workaholic. After touring for most of last year and focusing on her incoming album Working Class Woman soon to be released on Ninja Tune, she's just released a personal mission statement for the busy modern day producer. 'Work It', like Marie Davidson's work ethic, is unrelenting, featuring pounding percussion, deconstructed house vibes and her own commanding vocals.

Mixing the rhythms of club ready house and the sounds of classic drum machines, Davidson weaves together polyrhythms to create interest with only percussive sounds. Complex patterns are parroted by other drum sounds, repeating and looping in a quantised cacophony of rhythms. Over everything however, is her own commanding vocals.

She talks down to us over the beat, demanding we match her game until sweat is "dripping down your balls". It follows the tradition of spoken delivery house vocals but adds a hefty dose of humour, as Davidson pokes fun at her own intensity and the overwhelming societal race to succeed. Just imagine a mix of Lucy Liu schooling computer nerds in Charlie's Angels and Alec Baldwin ripping apart cold calling salesmen in Glengarry Glen Ross, and you have the energy of 'Work It'.

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This single is the second from her release Working Class Woman, out on October 5th, where she is bound to take this self effacing approach to the industry to the extreme. “It comes from my brain, through my own experiences: the suffering and the humour, the fun and the darkness to be Marie Davidson.” Her honesty and willingness to poke fun at herself and the scene is backed up with a intricate production style. Overall the album set to be an intimate look at every facet of the producer, as she explains, “It’s an egotistical album – and I’m okay with that.”

Marie Davidson's album Working Class Woman is out on 5th of October with Ninja Tune.

Pre-order the release and stream 'Work It' on your streaming/downloading site of choice here.

Photo by Etienne Saint Denis