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Live Review: Maribelle's 'I'm A Mess Without You' is a huge pop moment

23 May 2018 | 4:27 pm | Jackson Langford

If Maribelle and 'I'm A Mess Without You' are indicators of where Australia's pop sphere is being taken, then it is in very safe hands. 

A huge pop moment to say the very least.

MARIBELLE has always been honest, transparent and vulnerable in her songwriting and has always matched it with explosive, electric and exhilarating sounds. She can take any experience and paint it with vivid colours and interesting textures, allowing the listener to truly feel - even if it's an experience they've never gone through themselves. However, Maribelle may have just reached an unbelievable new height in her artistry, her songwriting and herself with the impeccable 'I'm A Mess Without You.'

Written as a snapshot of her coming to terms with her sexuality, it's beyond refreshing and exciting to have a queer woman not only give an incredibly honest song about her experience, but also be at the forefront of Australian songwriting. The song is a ridiculously catchy ear worm, with a minimalist, attention-grabbing chorus that's destined to live in your head for weeks. It's an incredibly personal track, but it remains accessible and has the ability to resonate and have an impact on anyone who presses play. Whether intentional or not, Maribelle has tapped into that illusive realm in-between intensely personal and largely accessible songwriting and she's done it without a flaw.

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Of the single, Maribelle says it is about her current girlfriend. This song is very personal for me. It’s about me reflecting on being confused about having feelings for a girl for the first time,she says.

“I was hiding my feelings for somebody, and hurting them because I wasn't being honest with myself. It’s actually about my current girlfriend and the early stages of our relationship. I was out in the club one night and had a 'Days Of Our Lives' montage of all of our memories together, and just realised what a mess I was being.”

If Maribelle and 'I'm A Mess Without You' are indicators of where this country's pop sphere is being taken, and they should be, then the future of homegrown music is in very, very safe hands.

Photo by Duncan Killick