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Live Review: Marcus Whale reveals more info on debut album alongside, 'Vapour'

19 May 2016 | 2:00 pm | Cailey Moroney

The magnetic MARCUS WHALE is back again, with his third track for 2016 (and that's only if you don't count his remix of LUCIANBLOMKAMP's 'Comfort.)

The magnetic MARCUS WHALE is back again, with his third track for 2016 (and that's only if you don't count his remix of LUCIANBLOMKAMP's 'Comfort.) 

Well and truly on a roll, Marcus Whale's time spent releasing under other names (Black Vanilla, Collarbones etc) is certainly shining through. Six months ago Marcus Whale released his first track and, fast forward to present day, he has two others, a remix and, wait for it, has announced his debut album, Inland Sea.

With the release of 'Vapour' we get a few more juicy details about, Inland Sea such as, for example, a release date. Due out June 10, Inland Sea, will be available to pre-order come May 23rd, which is next week for anyone else like me who still hasn't realised it's not January anymore.

The track itself is nothing short of enthralling. Marcus Whale builds a delicate soundscape with layers of discordant sounds sitting in perfect balance to create a dynamic sound that captivates the ear.

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Give it a listen and if you don't have the line 'vapours in the sea' stuck in your head and a sense of anticipation for 'Inland Sea' then you're lying, because Marcus Whale is definitely an artist to get excited about.

'Vapour' is out now via Good Manners.