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Live Review: Mallrat returns with new irresistible single 'Rockstar'

1 October 2020 | 12:04 pm | Claudia Fallon

Mallrat has dropped a completely immersive new single 'Rockstar' with the artist confidently hailing her new release as the "most iconic song of the year."

Australian indie-pop sweetheart Mallrat (aka Grace Shaw) has dropped a completely immersive new single, 'Rockstar', with the artist confidently hailing her new release as the "most iconic song of the year." Bringing effervescence to her sound this track was written and recorded in LA alongside Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Tommy English. 

Drawing influence from 90s dream folk icons such as Mazzy Star, this new single is absolutely dreamy with hazy guitars, soothing electronic elements, and magnetic drums which encompass this slow and steady future-facing anthem. Mallrat's ethereal vocals bring vibrancy and warmth to this hypnotic tune, and are a true testament to her talent, heard through her humanising and relatable songwriting. Humbling and heartbreaking all at the same time, she consistently pulls on our heartstrings incorporating touches of nostalgia whilst also looking forward into the unknown. With lyrics that keep us optimistic for what lies ahead, "Maybe I’ll fall in love with a rockstar, we’ll be married forever, I’ll forget all about ya, one day," Mallrat instills a sense of optimism into the listener that one day the confusion of life will eventually make sense. Finishing with grungy guitar riffs this track is a true indie-rock ballad that takes an introspective look at life and the difficulties of moving on with a broken heart.

Talking about her inspiration for 'Rockstar', Mallrat said, “I feel like 'Rockstar' reminds me of a mix between Lana Del Rey, Kacey Musgraves and Violent Soho. All through my teens (and obviously still) I loved the early Violent Soho albums self-titled and Hungry Ghost – those two albums I’ve listened to a lot and I think that’s seeped its way into the track."

Establishing herself as one of Australia's most-loved artists with a long list of releases to back up her talent, including career-boosting singles 'Better' and 'Groceries', Mallrat is blossoming into a more refined and self-assured artist. "When I wrote the rest of the song a year later, I was feeling a lot more sure of myself...I’ve always thought of myself a whisper singer and not even a very good singer, but when I listen to the chorus of ‘Rockstar’ it reminds me that I have more range than I probably even give myself credit for.”

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Making a triumphant return to our ears, 'Rockstar' is the Brisbane artist's first official solo single since her 2019 EP, Driving Music. Currently writing and recording her debut album, the musician took to Twitter to tell fans her next body of work is “actually very close to being finished.” Always deeply personal, raw, and relatable, Mallrat's music is set to once again level up as she shares one of her best songs yet. With sonic elements that are bewitching and mesmeric, Mallrat remains unstoppable with 'Rockstar'.


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