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Live Review: Friends, housemates & sounds collide on Mall Grab & Nite Fleit’s 'Moogie' EP

7 May 2019 | 12:33 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Mallgrab grabs the help of his long-time friend Nite Fleit to to melt dancefloors across the world on their latest release "Moogie"

Moogie is the third release on MALL GRAB’s Looking For Trouble label. It comes off the back of his debut solo release under his real name, Jordon Alexander in the The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter EP, which was released in February. This time however, the Newcastle native grabs the help of his housemate and long-time close friend NITE FLEIT to complete one objective only: to melt dancefloors across the world. The Moogie EP is an amalgamation of both their sounds to date, and completes Mall Grab’s arc from lo-fi, soul house DJ, to full-time techno demon.

The EP opens with Nite Fleit’s 'Hot Bot'. It has some serious dark room cave vibes and has been a staple in her sets in this past year. Its tempo and head throbbing bass lines are an ode to the old school rave era, an inspiration often drawn upon by Nite Fleit in her abrasive acid-techno driven discography.

Next comes Mall Grab’s 'Reconnaissance'. Following the same line as 'Hot Bot', it's a 138 BPM journey which hosts electric hi-hats, raving synths, and a heavy break beat influence. The darkness in tone provided here is becoming a reoccurring theme in the new Mall Grab sound, heavily inspired by his move to London and the town's buzzing underground.

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The first collaboration from the pair comes as track 3, 'Anatomy of the Senses', a chaotic acid techno thriller to say the least. Mall Grab’s distinct skill in heavy drum programming and wavy synth licks combine perfectly with Nite Fleit’s heart pulsing basslines and breakdowns. This makes for an unapologetic and deliberately offensive club slammer, due to make limbs fly.

Ending the record is title track 'Moogie', one suited for both the bus on the way to work and 3AM at your favourite club. Not as heavy hitting, the electronica, break beat inspired track is a promising introduction to the potential future work of these two forward thinking producers. Despite being ever so slightly laid back relative to the rest of the EP its unique song structure, wide kick drums and psychotic synths are sure to produce stank faces and to bring out some wonky dance moves in underground scenes globally.

Photo of Mall Grab via Facebook

Photo of Nite Fleit via Facebook