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Live Review: Maina Doe seeks the answers from within on new single 'Unwritten Laws' featuring Genesis Owusu

19 February 2020 | 12:10 pm | Hannah Galvin

After releasing her knockout debut 'Delusion', Sydney's Maina Doe pulls us back into her world with second single 'Unwritten Laws', featuring Genesis Owusu.

Sending us a minute to slow down in this very busy world, Sydney artist Maina Doe commanded us with her harness of a debut single, 'Delusion', late 2019. Thought-provoking and complex, yet completely accessible in its beautiful delivery, she returns with the same approach on its follow up 'Unwritten Laws', featuring a profound verse from Genesis Owusu.

An over-thought of hesitation continuously spreads itself thin to cast the underlying framework of 'Unwritten Laws', yet the chorus is somehow overshadowed by a fresh and fruitful whistle motif of youth. Playing hopscotch in a stride of adorable oblivion, this dainty role inconspicuously plays a dutiful character; accepting the governance of intuition.

Like 'Delusion', Maina Doe works through songwriting in chapters, allowing us to enter a new experience together whilst propelling us to learn about the path of life and what our involvement might be along the way. Swallowing acceptance by the second part of the journey with lyricism like, "the timing is now", the class of life is coloured with space for interpretation by then transforming myriads of vocal samples into their own instruments, and personifying timbres into opposing uniforms.

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Unraveling a wealth of sense from the fibre of his being, Genesis Owusu denotes evil forces and invaluable sensibilities that are depicted and identified from life experience - an emotional grasp that can only be felt, not taught. This powerful language of integrity is spoken so inherently that he falls into the mode of autopilot - and Owusu too succumbs to the nature of hunch.

Maina Doe's collaboration with Genesis Owusu has been released independently and can be streamed on various online platforms. Keep an eye out for its accompanying clip due to drop very soon!

Words by Hannah Galvin.