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Live Review: 'Delusion' or not, we're with you Maina Doe

11 October 2019 | 12:48 pm | Hannah Galvin

After working with fellow artists over the years, Sydney singer-songwriter Maina Doe has graced us with her own beautifully powered debut single 'Delusion'.

Having subsequently collaborated and sang for artists Adrian Eagle, B Wise and Milan, Sydney singer-songwriter MAINA DOE comes into her own with her debut single 'Delusion', written in collaboration with Finabar Stuart (Boomchild Collective). A soulful listen that taps into your's and mine, 'Delusion' carries a sentiment that should relate to the ego and self-esteem of most in this speedy present day.

A soft combination of linking ticks rotate around the whimsical playground, creating a timely space to cushion the fall of distant vocals that gently sweep. Tag teaming with rhythmic hand percussion and a dialogue of "waiting" as the track evolves, 'Delusion' carries a seminal patience, yet is as human as any in inevitably reaching breaking point - or so we presume. This idea shifts once you properly inhale the lyricism and wonder, is this postpartum the new digital world that we live in? How can one be so positive of leaping to a life with no boundary, when we're conditioned to exist afraid?

Safer critical than bearing risk may well be our subconscious, so it's refreshing to alienate that frame and take a chance with 'Delusion', as Maina Doe's concluding dialogue bequeaths a clarity that just might save us.

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Maina Doe's 'Delusion' has been released independently, and is available to listen to on all digital platforms. Keep an eye out for what is to come from this incredible artist!

Words by Hannah Galvin.