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Live Review: Made in Paris kicks off the new year with a taste of her new EP, 'Erratic'

17 January 2018 | 7:44 am | Holly O'Neill

The title track of her new EP, sees Made In Paris playing with techno conventions by reveling in choppy effects and frenzied percussion.

Sydney producer/DJ/label head MADE IN PARIS is starting off the new year with a bang by teasing the release of a new EP. Released through her own label Upon Access, 'Erratic' is the lead single off her two track EP which will be available at the start of next month. The producer has a diverse body of work behind her, exploring every facet of techno and deep house, but with this track she's pushing herself even further. As the title suggests, it's not as rigid as traditional techno, as Made In Paris explained that 'Erratic' "lays down the vision for the whole EP". The track, and perhaps the whole EP, plays against the established structure of the genre, revelling in choppy effects and frenzied percussion.

Ambient pads and filtered hi hats set the tone for the whole track, omnipresent and grounding the undulating melodies and brooding bass lines. The track slowly builds, introducing new melodies and drum lines, and taking them away before incorporating those elements together again to create a whole new experience minute to minute.

The 4 to the floor beat instantly inspires movement and energy, as every element in the track slots into place to the beat. Syncopated outsiders like the chopped vocal stabs, high end percussion and sudden sweeps of bass don't feel so out of place against the reliable sound of the techno thuds.

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In the last few minutes of the track, Made In Paris switches it up a bit, chopping up the bass and the melody with filtered sweeps before incorporating more layered interlacing percussion. Even as the track ebbs away it still pulls you along with the groove of the drums and the bass line.

Made In Paris' two track EP, Erratic, featuring the title track, 'Dispatch' and a remix from THE JOURNEY, is out via Upon Access on the Febuary 2nd. Stream it now and if you're diggin' it you can preorder the whole EP here.