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Live Review: LISTEN: Machinedrum 'Back Seat Ho'

21 February 2014 | 11:43 am | Nick Luke

Prolific producer MACHINEDRUM has released his first single off upcoming EP 'Fenris District', the last installment to the Vapor City saga.

Last year, multi-faceted producer from North Carolina, MACHINEDRUM aka Travis Stewart began a journey into 'Vapor City'. An album that sparked a concept to be followed up by a number of EP's all based around districts of the fictional city which serves as the imaginary realm for MACHINEDRUM's music.

On the verge of his last EP in the 'Vapor City' saga, titled as the 'Fenris District' EP, MACHINEDRUM has a dropped his first single from the release, a bouncy tune by the simple name of 'Back Seat Ho'.

Centered around a single vocal hook, where the tune evidently gets its name from, 'Back Seat Ho' is an uptempo, jumpy helping of complex rhythms at high-octane speeds. Boasting the trademark solid bass sound that MACHINEDRUM has come to fashion over his long career as a producer, the tune seems like it was effortlessly put together in a swift masterstroke of genius.

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Amongst the globular bassline pulses, Travis works in intricate percussion work and synth technique. Modular-style synthesizers sizzle and crack, phasing in and out with ease while the fast-paced tune rolls onwards. The tune is left sitting in a headspace somewhere between Chicago Juke and Jersey Club, in terms of rhythmic stance and sample work.

MACHINEDRUM's 'Fenris District' EP is set to release via the legendary NINJA TUNE records on 24th March 2014.

Words by Nick Luke