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Live Review: Lucy Mason's 'Hunger' is hot and honeyed

12 January 2017 | 3:29 pm | Abbey Lenton

Hot and honeyed, Lucy Mason's 'Hunger' is a shimmering new single. With a voice like a songbird, the artist is gentle in approach but strong in conviction.

Hot and honeyed, LUCY MASON has shared a shimmering new single, 'Hunger'. With a voice like a songbird, she is gentle in approach but strong in conviction, and it serves as the perfect foray into a new year.

Smoky tones lie deep in the artist's voice, whereas the hushed mellowness with which she uses for each note cast her amongst the more delicate of singers.  Produced by multi-instrumentalist ED TULLETT, the track is cleverly intertwined; there is not a single moment that fails to offer delicious depth.

The introduction to 'Hunger' is succulently gripping. Sharp and striking percussion gives an edge to the rhythmic synths. The vocals enter in the most charming way possible: with impressive technique and enthralling silkiness.

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The verses are short, but full, as they launch into the chorus before we are really ready, leaving us leaning further and further into the track. The chorus' hook is the part of the song with the most longevity, but it is the verses that so earnestly tell the artist's story.

'Hunger' is a sweet sweet taster of Going Home Broke, Lucy Mason's latest EP due out on March 31st. The EP's title is raw and blatant, an indication of the lyrical content that will be woven throughout the upcoming EP. “Since moving from Australia almost five years ago, my life has been a whirlwind of highs and lows which ultimately lead to my breaking point,” explains the performer on the experiences that sparked the creative process behind the EP. “I had allowed disappointment, frustration and failure to take over my life and it had to end.”

With four more tracks and a myriad of producer collaborations, Going Home Broke has taken over a year to prime and polish. It seems that Lucy Mason has ensured that 'Hunger' will be in good company.