Live Review: Lucianblomkamp and Rromarin team up for mutant pop track 'Nothing'

11 August 2017 | 8:59 am | Lloyd Crackett

Always ignoring convention, Nothing featuring Rromarin is Lucianblomkamp's first release from his 3 part album release to be staggered over this year.

The simple act of releasing music has never been in larger flux. A release is no longer just a release - what medium? When? How? Does your album stream exclusively for one website first? The release has become part of the art itself and LUCIANBLOMKAMP has embraced it head on, with plans to release his third album, Sick Of What I Don't Understand, in three parts over 2017. It's a truly ballsy move, allowing greater focus on all of the tracks, dishing out LUCIANBLOMKAMP's intricate creations to shine on their own rather than get lost among the heap. With this in mind, his first single is the mutant pop track, 'Nothing' Feat. Rromarin, which explores as close to pop as Lucian could get.

It's no accident that Rromarin's vocals blur a sense of believability as her voice is startlingly singular. LUCIANBLOMKAMP would never work so neatly inside of conventions. The vocals are almost alien, at parts wailing and doing the work of the synths around them. It's this intense and surreal mood that is LUCIANBLOMKAMP's kingdom. 'Nothing' to a degree works as a pop song, after the slick, dark bangers of Flume's Skin era - the mainstream surely is ready to champion the intricately dark styling of LUCIANBLOMKAMP. Highlights of the track are distorted and sharp electric guitar, the ominous chimes and heavy and enduring bass. It's as always a rich tapestry of sound work, centralised around a cohesive forward momentum. This is a LUCIANBLOMKAMP mutant pop song; it's all there but it's ornate beyond what most popstars could even dream of.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP's Sick Of What I Don't Understand will be released in three parts over 2017 via Different Recordings/PIAS & Good Manners Records. Part One is to be released on October 13th, featuring the title track, the dark poetry of legendary MC Trim on UK bass inspired 'Still No' and the self-described Massive Attack-like track 'Crawling'. Hopefully, these release announcements will soon be followed by tour announcements as Lucian is set to take over the end of 2017.

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