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Live Review: Luboku shares warm and vibrant 'Without You'

22 May 2018 | 9:10 am | Max Lewis

Melbourne electronic producer Luboku has outdone himself on 'Without You' - a slice of hypnotic yet impeccably catchy left-field house.

Melbourne producer LUBOKU has been one to keep an eye on for a while now, and with his latest cut 'Without You' he's proved exactly why.

Luboku aka Luis Kennett has been working has magic for the past four years - cutting his teeth with Hosaia on the At Dawn EP. This led to his debut solo single 'The Surface' late last year, a hypnotic mix of old-school house with modern experimental touches. It showed exactly what Luboku is capable of on his own, and 'Without You' has proved to be an extension of his fascinating craft.

'Without You' is Luboku's ode to "bold and vibrant music" as explored by late 00's artists like MGMT and Empire of the Sun. He's achieved that and then some; crafting a richly textured and exceptionally warm dance track, as easy to dance to as it is to get lost in. With fluttery arpeggios and simple kick and hat percussion, he sets an even pace, aided by vocal samples and additional synths that build up to the climax in the last third. It's slightly lighter in tone to 'The Surface' but still packs the same punch - you want to groove to it but thanks to the melodies in play you also feel emotionally attached to the unconscious narrative on display.

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With just two tracks under his belt Luboku has already mastered his sound. It's not only irresistibly catchy but it's provocative and deep in ways utterly unique to him. 'Without You' is a perfect slice of experimental house and a testament to Luboku's skill as an artist - here's hoping 2018 is the year these skills get the recognition they deserve.