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Live Review: Luboku excels at honest experimental pop with '50 Days'

27 October 2018 | 10:03 am | Max Lewis

Celebrating his recent signing to etcetc, Melbourne producer Luboku has dropped an erratic yet honest cut of electro-pop with '50 Days.'

Melbourne-based electronic starchild LUBOKU (aka Luis Kennett) has dropped another piece of magic with '50 days', a minimal and glitchy slice of electronica that is as honest as it is esoteric. It's our latest taste of his upcoming EP THE SURFACE, and comes alongside the announcement of his signing to etcetc records, placing him alongside electronic greats like PNAUFever Ray, and Digitalism.

With earlier singles 'Without You' and 'None Of You' LUBOKU has proved himself to be a master at spacey electronica, blending elements like house with more emotional electro-pop moments. '50 Days' sees him at his most minimal and experimental, yet this wacky sound doesn't betray the pop mentality at its core, or the honest songwriting on display. Luboku says the track went through four different revisions before he revisited the original demo and settled on it. "It’s funny how the process of writing the song mirrors the meaning behind it - 50 days is about trying to work through a feeling you’ve been sitting with, and I think constantly changing the song was my way of processing that feeling."

'50 Days' exudes that glitchy, minimal electronic vibe that I really get a kick out of, yet the way it combines this with poppy hooks and melodic vocals really puts it in a league of its own. Driven by the short and erratic beats, the track bounces alongside soulful vocals and woozy keys, flowing into a breakdown of warped vocals and broken hi-hats. It's a four-to-the-floor banger in the most esoteric way, almost sounding like a futuristic club track from space. Luboku is truly living in 2118.

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That said, like the rest of Luboku's work, '50 Days' combines unique production with some refreshingly honest songwriting, something you can't often parse as easily with a lot of experimental music. Luboku's putting a piece of himself out there; he's just doing it through scratchy micro-beats and woozy vocals. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.


Words by MAX LEWIS