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Live Review: Marquis Hawkes shares a pumping remix for Love Deluxe

11 September 2017 | 9:32 am | Holly O'Neill

We've been loving the nostalgic collages of house and techno that LOVE DELUXE has been releasing, and evidently so has Berlin producer MARQUIS HAWKES. With a new remix of the title track of Love Deluxe's EP, Silk Mirage, he has turned the easy listening vibes of the original into an energising Chicago house tune.

He incorporates a lot of the familiar sounds of the original track in this remix; the warm main chords, the energetic bongos and the distorted synths, but with a twist. The chords are played in reverse and brought in out of time, bongos are thrown in all over the place and synths are layered together to reach a echoing climax.

Punching up the original, this remix adds a distorted 4 to the floor kick that shifts the track from the almost live feel of the original to a proper floor filler. The new percussive line is the shining star of the track and drives it along, as new elements like the square lead and echoing clicks flit in and out.

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Marquis Hawkes is quite the mysterious producer, leaving a lot to the imagination with his musical persona and lending from a number of genres with rich histories such as house and Italo disco through his music. Sounds like that might be part of the reason he was drawn to Sydney's Love Deluxe, finding a kindred spirit in appreciation of old school sounds and keeping up a bit of dramatic mystique. His remix honours the original track while bringing it up a notch, using the best parts of 'Silk Mirage' to craft a more upbeat interpretation.

Get it now via Soothsayer Records.