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Live Review: Loure's 'Avenues' EP depicts his transformation as a producer

12 March 2019 | 11:29 am | Julie Fenwick

Melbourne-based producer, Loure, has just released his third and latest EP and is an ode to his unique house groove. Check it out!

Melbourne-based connoisseur of groove house beats, LOURE, is back with his third EP Avenues. Released early February, the 4-track collection epitomises the idiosyncratic nature of his work and in the process, reveals a transformation in sound that comes with practice and age.

His first EP Westside Movements from 2017 is, perhaps, the most introspective of the three. With crooning basslines and pulled-back production, the release gives his brass section time to breathe, airing them out in long solo sections, making them the central focus. It can be described as the most ambient of his output, which is flipped on his second EP, Smooth Talk.

Unlike Westside Movements, Smooth Talk, released in 2018, is more driven; the bass pushing the melodies forward and the various samples wrapping themselves around its velocity. Though still with Loure’s rich signature blend of jazz, house and funk, the central focus of the EP moves more toward the amalgamation of all of its components, rather than the favourability of its brass.

Finally, Loure’s latest release, Avenues, reworks his style yet again, depicting another transformation in the young producers style. A four-piece collection of soul-warming, groove-inducing, rich tracks, they stand as the most present and vocally driven productions of his discography.

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It begins slowly with 'Hope Circuitry I + II', easing us into the EP with melodic piano, powerful and embracing vocals, and slow building cymbals. With piano and voice exclusive for the first two minutes, Loure sets the tone of the overall attitude of his EP through a raw and honest introduction.

Second, comes ‘Streets’. It’s hypnotic with a beat that simulates a starting-stopping motion, with vocal samples that warble over the production like mountain-calling and a saxophone section that winds its way in and out of the bass. The track cements his ability to fit pieces together like a jigsaw, neither overpowering or underrepresented, but always cohesive.

‘The Beauty was Always Us’ is drum-focused and the most dense of all four tracks. This track is the most reminiscent of his past releases, slightly more ambient in its brass sections, however, more complex in its layering.

The work ends with ‘Ruminate in Blue’, a quick paced, drum and bass style mix, filled with lulling intervals with spoken word engrained within it. It is a solid end to the EP and cultivates all that Loure has become recognised for.

The transformation of Loure from first to third EP is a testament to staying true to personal sound but finding ways to make it richer, more versatile and in the process, even more idiosyncratic.

Avenues, is a rich, uplifting, complex and warming compilation, honing a melancholy nature, disguised cleverly beneath layers of production to upkeep an appearance of upbeat house groove. The conflicting nature between the two creates an intimate nostalgia, one that teeters between warm afternoons, and cold city streets. An interesting listen and well worth your time.

Photo via Facebook