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Live Review: Loure debuts with crystalline house jam 'Vue'

10 January 2017 | 8:45 am | Lloyd Crackett

'Vue' is the first offering from freshly rebranded Loure who has decided to take a new approach with an absolutely lush house track.

It’s completely understandable if the name LOURE doesn’t ring any bells with you, he is The Artist Formerly Known As LEAKS and has decided wipe the slate clean. Loure has rebranded and redefined his sound into his own style of lush house.

‘Vue’ is his first release and it’s a classic house track with a refreshing twist, featuring trumpets from Reuben Lewis, chopped up vocals and a wonderful slow build up that all comes together with expert precision. The trumpets provide a wonderful attitude and jazzy feel to a track that is quite sensual and easy listening.

The track itself, in its build up, is delicate with tinkling synths, snippets of vocals and an overall uplifting feeling. It’s a track that you’ve got to listen to over and over to capture all of the intricacies that have been expertly built in. Loure is definitely a producer who takes care in all of the little aspects. This is definitely a track that would be perfect to feature at any impossibly cool cocktail bar.

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Loure’s new track 'Vue' will also soon come with a video clip, hopefully one that captures the sheer beauty of his heavy flowing beats, smooth melodies and intricate brass. Definitely follow Loure on Facebook and Soundcloud as he makes his way under his new moniker and perfects his already crystalline sound.