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Live Review: Loure brings his signature house and jazz in 'Mutual Motion'

9 March 2018 | 8:07 am | Julie Fenwick

'Mutual Motion', off Loure's forthcoming EP Smooth Talk, is a jazz-infused chill-House track and an indicator of 23 year old Thomas Guida's immense talent.

Up-and-coming Melbourne-based producer, LOURE, returns with ‘Mutual Motion’, the second track off his forthcoming EP Smooth Talk, which is set to be released on the 12th of March. The track builds on from his signature deep-house, jazz-imbued style, paying tribute to what he started in his Westside Movements EP but moving forward with a new and distinguished sound.

Like past releases, Loure’s ‘Mutual Motion’ spaces out its melodies, engraining slow and subtle build-ups and adding a touch of brass. A flurry of percussion precedes a metallic fluttering which can be heard over the deep house bass and the warbling keys create a hypnotising backdrop. Interwoven through this are deep vocal cuts with a long, soulful monologue nearing the middle of the track, this adding to the track's vibrancy. It is a full and pulsating release and an easy listen with Loure’s signature theme evident throughout.

23-year-old Thomas Guida is the brain behind the enigma that is Loure and has already made his way around some of Melbourne’s most iconic venues including Boney, Lounge and The Toff in Town. The producer has also just returned from the fairly new but exponentially growing, Hopkins Creek, where he played to an intimate though energetic audience.

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Keeping in theme with his previous 2017 EP Westside Movements, his 2018 release Smooth Talk will consist of four original tracks with a fifth being a remix from a guest producer, in this case, Saine.

The EP can be pre-ordered here and will be released on March 12th.