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Live Review: LISTEN: Lorde 'Love Club' (LDRU Remix)

24 June 2013 | 6:02 pm | Lauren Payne

New Zealand songstress Lorde's catchy track 'Love Club' has been remixed by Future Classic's L D R U.


New Zealand has been pumping out some beautiful songstresses lately and one we have fallen in love with it the lovely LORDE. She released her first EP The Love Club all on her own just this year and it has pretty much shot her to local stardom.

Being only sixteen, LORDE has been catching everyones eye with her soft, mature vocals and her light, catchy melodies. DIPLO has been paying close attention to LORDE, and so has GRIMES...

LDRU have taken LORDE's 'Love Club' track and tweaked it just a little bit and turned it into a pretty sweet little mix. The light synths glide through the track and the high vocals pick it up even more making it a very uplifting track to listen to. It suits the season too as these colder months are pushing us all inside with our mugs of hot chocolate and what not, L D R U's remix of 'Love Club' will probably make for a perfect soundtrack to your cold afternoon.

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The remix has a very ethereal melody compared to the poppy original track, but both are great in their own way. You love the original for it's cute beat and the choral instrumental, and you love L D R U's remix because of it's smooth licks and synths that fizz like soda. I'm really excited to hear more releases from LORDE as most people are so hopefully there will be more tracks coming soon, keep an eye out!

The Love Club EP can now be purchased on iTUNES.

Words By Lauren Payne