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Live Review: Loods' ‘Three Blocks’ provides for an uplifting, yet laid back house affair

31 May 2019 | 10:57 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

A clash of soul, house and disco creates a heated joint reflecting the working class, metallic rhythms of which Loods' home town of Newcastle is known for.

Australian house aficionado LOODS has developed a bit of a cult following alongside the rapid rise of dance label Steel City Dance Discs. With a roster ranging from Brisbane’s Skin on Skin, New York’s X-Coast and London’s Nite Fleit, the Newcastle formed collective is developing a name for itself amongst underground dance scenes globally. 'Three Blocks' is a single from his EP, Steel City Dance Discs Volume 11.

‘Three Blocks’ is the first single of his third release on SCDD. A cornerstone artist of the label, Loods’ knack for hands up house and sampling has played an integral part to the development of the SCDD brand and sound. ‘Three Blocks’ continues this arc. A clash of soul, house and disco creates a heated joint that reflects the working class, metallic rhythms of which his home town of Newcastle is known for.

‘Three Blocks’ builds quietly, with a drifting melody. The keys slowly but confidently waltz into the listener’s ear guided by teasing percussion. His ear for tone and texture shines and meets the high expectation which the Loods moniker has become synonymous with. The hazy beginning rings of nostalgia, building into an uplifting yet laid back house affair.

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The track turns into a break beat chiller with frosty percussion stealing the show. The crisp drum arrangement includes snappy hihats, a punchy kick and a laid-back snare, giving the chords a driving dance worthy rhythm. The track is tied together by an elusive vocal chop completing the billowing, drifting journey that is 'Three Blocks'.

With Steel City Dance Discs Volume 11 now released, the Newcastle producer’s trajectory is building nicely. Currently DJing across Europe with the Dance Discs family, this release will push Loods even further forward into novelty amongst underground dance fans worldwide. We can only hope that Loods will return to Australia this summer, bringing these new forthcoming tunes to dancefloors on our shores.

Image: Supplied