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Live Review: Explore the future of pop with LIZ's new track 'Super Duper Nova'

7 May 2018 | 2:50 pm | Holly O'Neill

Freshly independent and fiercely herself, LIZ is back with 'Super Duper Nova' a saccharine hyper speed trip to the outer reaches of the pop galaxy.

Freshly independent and fiercely herself, LIZ is back with her second release of the year. Coming into this new era with full autonomy, the pop star is exploring all the unique collaborations and bold visuals her heart desires. Her latest track 'Super Duper Nova' sees her team up with New Zealand producer BIG TASTE, channeling saccharine cliches and video game OST's within a bright and bouncy future pop tune. Strap in as LIZ takes you on a trip down Rainbow Road in her glistening space convertible to the outer reaches of the pop galaxy.

From the lyrics to the production, this tune is sickly sweet. With 00's dance influence all over it, the femmebot autotune of the verses, repetition into the choruses and LIZ's snappy delivery throughout is so tooth-achingly cute. The track jets along at hyperspeed, as the percussion builds and energy rises for a huge drop. Unexpectedly the track moves to half-time trap, but keeps it cute with angelic vocal chops and frantic piano chords.

LIZ revels in the outer space metaphor and the cheesy cliche of it all, taking every cheeky wink she can to make this track sound like it could be an AQUA deep cut. Her bright energy is infectious across this track, leaking into the production and making for an all round ecstatic dance track. On this release, she's married her two worlds of EDM and pop, bringing one's high energy production and the other's pure optimism.

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Among celestial twinkles and dreamy pads, LIZ's bubbly energy and honest love for pop are the shining stars on this track. Coming through with a very peppy track and the best rhyming of stupider and jupiter since primary school playgrounds, 'Super Duper Nova' is a hyper slice of pop's bright future.

Look out for 'Super Duper Nova' by LIZ on the download/streaming service of your choice here.

Photo by Brian Ziff

Words by Holly O'Neill