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Live Review: Litche & Woodes make underwater magic with 'Voyage'

21 February 2018 | 9:04 am | Jackson Langford

'Voyage' is anything but a long and strenuous journey, and Litche & Woodes make sure the treasure of their collaboration is instantly tangible

When we think of the word 'voyage', we're immediately confronted with visions of arduous and perilous journeys. Crackling thunderstorms and ruthless oceans cloud our mind but, at the end of it all, is some golden nugget that makes the trek all worth it. When it comes to LITCHE's 'Voyage', however, arduous and perilous could not be more inappropriate. Enlisting the help of the angelic WOODESLitche has given us a beautiful electronic moment for us to sink into and never want to resurface.

While we're used to hearing Woodes' voice soaring across booming synths and larger-than-life melodies, Litche's beautifully understated production has lead her to give us a more subdued delivery. Bubbles of synths and vocal distortion float elegantly around Woodes' breathy vocals, as Litche constructs a dark and quiet soundscape.

This dark and quiet soundscape works perfectly, though, as each second of 'Voyage' drips into our conscience and floods our bodies with a certain tranquility that's hard to do. As we dive deeper into the song, the crisp and meticulous production really shines through and emulates the eerie peacefulness of being completely submerged. As the waves of maximalist and relentless electronic music rage on the surface, Litche's bravery in going under is both refreshing and breathtaking.

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'Voyage' is anything but a long and strenuous journey, and Litche Woodes make sure the treasure of their collaboration is instantly tangible. It's a gorgeous track that shows how both artists understand the beauty in restraint. It's a head-first dive into savage waters to reach a quiet, dark calm that'll have you wishing you didn't have to come up for air.

Image: Supplied