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Live Review: Let Linying's immersive 'Paycheck' tug at your heartstrings

31 August 2018 | 8:24 am | Holly O'Neill

Ahead of her Bigsound showcases, the Singaporean songwriter/producer/vocalist LINYING creates a grand soundscape for even grander emotion.

Sometimes the local music scene can feel somewhat insular, with local talent mirroring each other's style and technique and not really interacting outside of their own community. In the upcoming Bigsound conference and showcase, there is not only a strong local contingent but an international posse of artists bringing a fresh perspective to the lineup. One of those acts is Singapore's LINYING, a songwriter, vocalist and producer who specialises in effecting pop influenced by indie and electronica. Her latest single 'Paycheck' explores her vulnerable lyricism and sets its grand emotion against an equally grand soundscape.

The influence of emotive songwriters BRIGHT EYES and JAMES BLAKE are clear in the track, as Linying eternalises her raw inner monologue over spacious instrumentation. Her delicate delivery of melancholic emotion anchors you among twisted vocal samples and moody piano, and acts as a guiding light in the scope of the rest of the track. Interlocking melodies echo around the negative space, as Linying creates immersive feelings out of minimal layers.

Jittery sampling and juxtaposing crashing drums with subtle melody helps convey the emotional turmoil of the lyrics. A breakup is always a tough situation to navigate with both parties experiencing varied emotions, as Linying explains, “It’s a song about admitting defeat and... two versions of the same truth that will exist concurrently, forever diverging. Losing that collective memory, a version of the truth you once worked hard for and held onto together, is also kind of labour that’s gone to waste, hence the song title."

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'Paycheck' is an intricate, tear-jerking ballad, and stunning taste of more to come in Linying's showcases at Bigsound (dates listed below) and incoming album due for release later in the year. Catch her and more of Singapore's best up and comers at the Hear65 Showcase at Ric's on September 5th as a part of Bigsound.

Tuesday 4 September

10.50PM – 11.20PM | Heya Bar

Wednesday 5 September

6.35PM – 7.05PM | Hear65 Showcase, Ric’s Big Backyard

9.50PM – 10.20PM | The Wooly Mammoth (Main Stage)

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