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Live Review: Lil Spacely levels up with 'You Know It'

26 April 2017 | 8:05 am | Sonny Thomas

Sydney emcee LIL SPACELY has dropped an energetic new single 'You Know It".

Sydney emcee LIL SPACELY has dropped an energetic new single 'You Know It'.

'You Know It' is confident, aggressive and full of energy. It combines the distinctly Atlantan sound dominating hip hop at the moment with a flow that almost has a touch of UK grime influence. These highly produced, melodic beats and auto tuned hooks are a sound we are happily getting used to hearing out of Sydney. It feels like there is a distinct new sound that is being developed there. It is in a sense uniform, and falls outside simply emulating what's coming out of the US.

It might have something to do with the brains and producers behind Lil Spacely's label WVS. The label was formed in 2016 led by a veteran in the scene, Miracle. It was created with the vision of progressing culture in Australia and championing the new wave of hip hop. This year has already seen a few big releases from the label including Brisbane's Travy P and arguably Sydney's biggest export, Manu Crooks.

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This isn't to say Lil Spacely isn't successful in his own right. We haven't heard all that much from Spacely yet but everything so far has been of a really high quality. His polished sound is super impressive for an up and comer like himself. I look forward to hearing more from Lil Spacely and am confident he is an artist worth keeping a tab on over the next year.