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Live Review: Experience unplaced nostalgia in a new collab with Lewis Cancut and Jordan Variant

1 December 2017 | 1:14 pm | Holly O'Neill

LEWIS CANCUT is a producer well known for his complex, synthetic soundscapes and firm grasp on twinkling melodies. Soundcloud sweetheart JORDAN VARIANT is a vocalist and producer who creates abstract, sparse beats under his monotonous yet melodic vocals. Bonding over their love for tactile, rubbery sampling and spacious production, these two innovative Melbourne musos have just linked up for 'i15'. Released through NLV Records, this being the label's last release for the year, the track is a forward thinking pop tune about futuristic road trips and Americana.

The production builds off jittery arpeggios, backed with plenty of the signature whooshes, taps and pops of Cancut's drum kit. Variant's vocals interplay with hits of the bass, with both melodies dancing around each other. BPM wise, the track is on the low end, but is no lesser for it, with plenty of energy coming from bouncy sampling and syncopated melodies in the breakdowns.

Jordan Variant's lyrics throughout spin a tale of an endless futuristic road trip, with the title of the song coming from one of the largest highways in the States. He paints visceral images of nightime American road trips, truck stop cafes and the neon of motels. Alongside the loopy production, the lyrics feels like fuzzy half remembered images of situations you haven't even experienced.

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The two artists working together feels like a match made in heaven, with Lewis Cancut's perky production the perfect foil to Jordan Variant's computerised voice. 'i15' is a delightful track, where both the lyrics and production paint a picture of a somewhat dystopian road trip love story.

You can now give the track a listen via the streaming service of your choice here.