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Live Review: Leng Hock gives us a heartbreaking bop with 'All The Way'

14 June 2017 | 7:55 am | Jackson Langford

Trying to merge R'n'B with electronica is an effort so often seen in 2017. Keeping that in mind, standing out - or even making something interesting - is becoming harder and harder. Despite the inherent challenges, LENG HOCK seems completely unbothered by it and is giving us fresh, off-kilter music that shines brightly among the debris of the Soundcloud junkspace.

'All The Way' is a heartbreakingly smooth jam written about the ending of a relationship between Australian Leng Hock and his American lover, and his unshakable determination to not let this relationship die.

“We knew that we were meant for each other and we communicated this to each other regularly," Leng Hock said in a statement about the song.
"I feel like she’s my one true soul mate and I always said I would marry her and have kids with her one day. We did long distance for nine months until it all fell apart. The distance was too much, but deeper down than the surface she could feel something was wrong; that I wasn’t really in the relationship anymore. She couldn’t make it on a trip we planned together to reconnect in Hong Kong because of personal struggles, financial and emotional. This caused me to be distant when I should have been there for her. And it’s one of my biggest regrets.”
However, what makes 'All The Way' so clever is that the melancholic subject matter is directly contrasted with bright, bouncing melodies. Executive produced by Dre Knight (who has worked with Frank Ocean & Nicki Minaj), the track is laced with xylophones and flute-inspired synths that place hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.
Leng Hock is ensuring that his explosive talents as a singer, songwriter and producer aren't going to be looked over.