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Live Review: LEISURE remix Tora's ‘Too Much’ into a groovy chiller

16 February 2018 | 10:07 am | Molly McLaughlin

Auckland-based quintet LEISURE have brought a whole new vibe to Tora's intense tune 'Too Much', a laid-back track which explores the magnetic pull of love.

Auckland-based quintet LEISURE (responsible for earworms like 2016's 'Got It Bad' and 'All Over You') have just delivered a remix that brings a whole new vibe to TORA's intense tune 'Too Much'. Originally released last year on Tora's acclaimed EP Take A Rest, 'Too Much' explores the magnetic pull of love. And with Leisure's magic touch, it has been transformed into a late-night slow-burner that will wrap you up in its smooth waves of sound.

With an almost-tropical back beat, the band explores a different side of 'Too Much', blending new vocals with the original to create an innovative fusion of styles and meaning. Speeding up the tempo and emphasising the unforgettable guitar riff, the remix leans into the playful feel of the track, as if the band is shrugging their shoulders at their impossible romantic predicament.

"I'm not supposed to love you/ but I do, too much," is the simple refrain throughout this track, but the complexity of emotion behind that statement is conveyed in its richly textured sonic world. As always, Leisure have incorporated retro elements that make 'Too Much' feel like an instant classic.

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After listening to this dreamy track, it becomes apparent the combination of Leisure's harmonies and Tora's melodies is a match made in heaven. Keep your ears to the ground for more news from Tora this year, and lose yourself in this relaxed remix right now.

Image: James Stringer