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Live Review: Leisure Suite's 'Shut Down' is a strong-minded yet cruisy bop

6 July 2017 | 6:15 pm | Lloyd Crackett

Set to the be the first of many, 'Shut Down' is the strong-minded yet absolutely cruisy new single from Melbourne-based duo, Leisure Suite.

LEISURE SUITE have a pretty clear message on their latest single ‘Shut Down’; vocalist Bridgette Le is ready to shut you down. Now, don’t worry - if you aren’t an awful man, she isn’t out to get you, she’s pretty clear about who she is shutting down. ‘Shut Down’ is a track about shutting down men who view women as disposable; as status grabbers; as rungs up a ladder - and, well, she’s had enough of it.

After their debut EP in 2014 and their Lay Low EP released early last year, Leisure Suite have become alternative RnB staples in Australia, racking up over a million Spotify plays and supporting the likes of Fortunes., GL, Andras and Oscar, and Alpine. ‘Shut Down’ showcases the lyrical talents of Bridgette Le, beat-making talents of producer Mitchell Wood and how they can both bring it together seamlessly.

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The track, while aggressive in message, is actually pretty cruisy – it highlights Le’s overall point – just be nice and value people. Chock full of wonderful percussion, the track feels layered with synths blending in and out of the sharper beats and Le’s voice, which powers over top of it all. Mitchell’s production exists somewhere in that Mura Masa/Cashmere Cat vicinity; not exactly party but capturing the ethos of early 00’s RNB. It’s a refreshing track and a stellar follow up to the recently released ‘Don’t Wait’, solidifying exactly why Leisure Suite keep their position in the highly saturated electronic landscape.

Leisure Suite plan to release a series of singles over the next few months, after 'Don't Wait' and now 'Shut Down'. Expect great things to come from this duo and their penchant for tropical 00's era RnB.

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