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Live Review: Leisure Suite return with RnB tearjerker ‘Don’t Wait’

20 April 2017 | 11:56 am | Holly O'Neill

Electronic RnB duo Leisure Suite are back with a more emotional yet advanced sound on their new track ‘Don’t Wait’.

Melbourne based electronic pop duo LEISURE SUITE are back with a more advanced sound on their new track, ‘Don’t Wait’. After keeping out of the spotlight and spending time abroad, vocalist Bridgett Le and producer Mitchell Wood have perfected their sound and shown they’ve grown up a bit.

The track brings the downtempo grooves Leisure Suite is known for, while showing off their new RnB direction, with richer vocals and sample based production giving them an intimate live band feel. Thematically, ‘Don’t Wait’ feels a lot more cohesive than previous releases, with the production and vocals both lending to the mood and really bouncing off each other to build emotion and tell a story.

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Lyrically the song follows Le’s side of an intense partnership exploring her “getting out of an all or nothing relationship and being left with the latter.” She also says that a lot of the lyrical inspiration for their upcoming release has come from more of the painful experiences she’s had over the year. Through her vocal delivery you can really feel the subdued emotions she experienced, with her own wordless vocals layered as harmony under her lyrics almost like a wistful sigh.

Production on this track feels fluid, with pulsing synths over a swung drum line as the backbone. Layered on top are a few samples of piano, bass guitar and those sighing vocals, and all these elements work together in perfect harmony and help highlight the soulful main line. The interplay of the vocals and production work so well together it’s no wonder their tracks have garnered a huge online following and over one million Spotify streams.

With more new music from Leisure Suite in the pipeline, get your tissues ready for a real tearjerker of a sophomore release sometime later in the year.