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Live Review: Lavrence delivers vulnerability & perspective on pop pearler 'My Space'

14 February 2019 | 4:01 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

We love a follow up single, especially one coming in from Sydney's LAVRENCE. We premiered his debut single 'Shine' and the clip that came alongside it too, and from the get go, we've been in awe of his constant breaking down of gender stereotypes and dedication to showing nothing short of his true self through his music.

'My Space' is the name of his second single, and it sees him working again with Sydney producer Bobby Gray to portray an ode to better times. Lavrence has somehow found a way to harness all of the energy of the ?? emoji into one beautifully lush track, and we are here for it.

Bringing forth that similar lush, 80's synthpop vibe he captured so perfectly on his debut, 'My Space' is a call for celebration of vulnerability and openness, something Lavrence has never faltered in doing.

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In chatting with Music FeedsLavrence says:

“It was around the time I wrote ‘My Space’ that I was actively working on some past relationship trauma that I had been carrying around for years. The song had an entirely different identity at first, the original chorus went ‘get the fuck up out my face’ but as I was progressing and healing, I thought about what energy and message I wanted to communicate so I rewrote it to reflect a more vulnerable and open perspective.

Check out AlexArts' beautifully crafted animation to accompany the single above.

Photo by Hyun Lee