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Live Review: Let Kuren put you under his spell with 'Mastercraft'

16 August 2017 | 11:35 am | Jackson Langford

It can be hard to make grim-sounding, electronic music without it sounding tacky or kitsch. But thanks to his exceptional skills, KUREN has the perfect counter-curse for that. 'Mastercraft' is his debut vocal track and, if this brooding banger is anything to go by, things can only go up from here.

'Mastercraft' is a spellbinding bop that thrusts you into Kuren's inner tug-of-war with light and darkness among everything around us. It's reminiscent of old school Example or Bloody Beetroots, as his ominous vocal delivery bounces on the thumping production. The entire song screams of restlessness and anxiety, with Kuren angrily repeating, "I can't be happy with you." He clearly has no problem anchoring emotion in his work - you can feel the frustration seething from his words and pulse through your very veins.

Of the track, Kuren says its about the duality of our reality - the simultaneous good and bad that exists in all aspects of our lives. "You ever look around and see all these beautiful things but get a sense of some kind of devil at work?," He says. "This song is about trying to understand where our reality actually falls between heaven and hell.

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Between his haunting vocal delivery or the looming threat anchored in his booming production, Kuren has proven he's not afraid of the demons that float around him - he's tackling them well and truly head on.