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Live Review: Kult Kyss augment noise and realities with fresh single 'Water Baby'

28 April 2017 | 8:11 am | Freya Dinesen

Melbourne electronic-pop project KULT KYSS have taken a bold step out of the shadows with their second ever original release, ‘Water Baby’.

Melbourne electronic-pop project KULT KYSS have taken a bold step out of the shadows with their second ever original release, ‘Water Baby’.

While this is very early days for Kult Kyss, these guys are in fact electronic music veterans from future-pop duo DEJA, reincarnating themselves to create this exciting new project.

Labelling their work as “ritual noise and augmented realities,” producer Haxx and vocalist Rromarin offer an otherworldly crosshatch of melodic instrumentation, powerful percussive timbres and divine, eerie vocals.

‘Water Baby’ emphatically throws the listener into the deep end, opening the song with invigorating beats and hard synth lines, only to ease the intensities to warrant Rromarin’s vocals a proper introduction. Hypnotic, lush production complements the energy of the lyrics and vocals, unmistakably taking cues from the likes of Bonobo, Booka Shade and Little Dragon.

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Accentuated motifs and rhythms surge through the verse and pre-chorus sections to build anticipation towards a mild (but totally awesome) sense of unease, charging you up for its insanely danceable chorus. Furthermore, the addictive melodies and energetic shifts in dynamics intertwine to create an entirely eccentric soundscape, articulating the dark, yielding core of Kult Kyss’ unique and captivating production style.

Since these guys are still brand spankin’ new, there is little to divulge about any upcoming releases or performances. Until we know more, we recommend playing ‘Water Baby’ on repeat and to keep an eye on this space!