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Live Review: Kult Kyss make another fresh, futuristic incantation with 'I Am One'

17 November 2017 | 4:01 pm | Freya Dinesen

Melbourne electronic-pop duo KULT KYSS are back on the airwaves with potent new offering ‘I Am One’, marking the third single release for their project.

Melbourne electronic-pop duo KULT KYSS are back on the airwaves with potent new offering, ‘I Am One’.

We first heard from this electrifying new project earlier this year with their second single offering, ‘Water Baby’, stemming as a reincarnation for artists Haxx and Rromarin, previously of future-pop get up DEJA.

Over the past few months,  Rromarin has been showcasing her versatility and slaying it on a vast array of collaborations, teaming up with other prevalent talents such as LUCIANBLOMKAMP, King IV and North Elements.

While still in early days with their new musical venture, Kult Kyss have certainly been enjoying a prosperous first year, with their first two releases ‘Get Up Boy’ and ’Water Baby’ garnering attention from both radio and online tastemakers to earn a high rotation across Double J, Triple J and Unearthed. The pair are now astutely rounding off 2017 with this latest offering, keeping themselves fresh on our minds over the summer and teeing themselves up perfectly for a kick-off year in 2018.

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Opening with a tight assembly of tuned percussion and tribal-bent beats, ‘I Am One’ fuses dance inducing driving rhythms with assertive and brooding synth lines, creating vivid stacks of organic percussion and intricate production. Rromarin’s dark, oracular vocals take a hypnotic command through articulated staccato phrases, adding overlays harmonic chanting and digitised vocal processing in an amalgamation of future pop and ritual noise.

'I Am One' encompasses Kult Kyss' flair for energetic dynamics and primal feel, fashioning another rich and eclectic soundscape as the duo carve a definitive métier for themselves in the buzzing world of electronic music.

These guys are still trying our patience and being pretty hush-hush about what their plans are for future release, but we can confirm that 2018 will see Kult Kyss debuting their live show, including a festival showcase at By The Meadow, Victoria in March/April. Tickets aren't quite on sale yet, but there's already a stellar line-up so be sure to see HERE for more info on that. We'll keep you updated as we know more.