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Live Review: Give in to Kult Kyss' hypnotism on 'Chi Cup'

1 June 2018 | 9:33 am | Holly O'Neill

Coming up to their national slot supporting THE PRESETS, KULT KYSS give us a menacing take on dance pop that'll hook you into their dark world.

Melbourne producers RROMARIN and HAXX are KULT KYSS, a duo mixing futuristic aesthetics and driving beats in their audio-visual collaboration. Together they craft dance pop with addictive, forceful beats sprinkled with the otherworldly vocals of Rromarin. They've just whipped up their live show after debuting it at By The Meadow festival, and now the duo have a new track to officially add to their repertoire. 'Chi Cup' is their latest single, a menacing cut of dance pop with a beat you can't help but move to.

Building off a droning bass and thumping kicks, whispery vocals float over mirrored layers of harmony that create a dreamy atmosphere that feels a little bit creepy. The repetition within the track hypnotises, as the four to the floor beat and monotonous bells build a state of meditative repetition. It plays out at a tempo primed for instinctive movement and cult like obedience, the rising sub on every solid kick has an organic ebb and flow that just pulls you along without you even realising.

Syncopated kicks punctuate the daydream of the verses, and matched with a harsh dog bark they jolt you into the commanding chorus. Rromarin's vocals across the track are low and imposing, jumping into higher range in the chorus, but always keeping that menacing lower register whispering in your ear. She chants like she's casting a spell hitting every syllable to the beat and pulling you even deeper into Kult Kyss' world.

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There's a dark power to 'Chi Cup', it's got a simple beat but is elevated with the stabs of bells, ethereal yet imposing vocals and wobbly synthwork that all makes you feel just a little bit off. Even the album art, is a strange mix of entrancing and lowkey terrifying, as neon bodies warp into a horrific mass. Across their work, Kult Kyss has tapped into an almost tribal facet of dance music, creating tunes that hook you in and hypnotise.

Kult Kyss' unique take on dance music has gained them the attention of Aus music legends THE PRESETS, and have invited the duo to join them on their upcoming national tour. Tickets are still available, check the dates below to see when they'll be in your city!

The Presets ‘HI VIZ’ Tour

June 13 – Metropolis, Fremantle

June 15 – Thebarton, Adelaide

June 16 – Forum Theatre, Melbourne – SOLD OUT

June 17 – Forum Theatre, Melbourne

June 21 – UC Refectory, Canberra

June 22 – Waves, Wollongong

June 23 – Enmore Theatre, Sydney

June 27 – The Tivoli, Brisbane

June 29 – Nightquarter, Gold Coast

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