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Live Review: Kult Kyss shake up Planet Funk's classic anthem in new single, 'Chase The Sun'

15 February 2018 | 10:57 am | Camilla Patini

Melbourne’s KULT KYSS, aka Haxx (Jack) and Rromarin (Claire), are back after releasing 'I Am One' last year. For their latest offering they’ve reached far back into the dance music annals, reworking PLANET FUNK's iconic tune, ‘Chase The Sun,’ first released in 2001. Their rendition is a feverish, techno-infused five minutes with a clubby, hypnotic drive that will have you going until the wee hours of the morning. Here, Rromarin’s voice is so ambient and alien, at times it seems abstracted beyond language, but that is part of its appeal. Overall, the track is perfect listening for those who’ve reached a dazed dawn after a wild night out – fast enough to keep the party going but ambient enough to chill to while you're still buzzed.

The duo creates a bit of a reflective moment in the track’s opening seconds, choosing to ease us in gently with some ambient chords over a slow heartbeat bassline. The chords see-saw expertly from high to low, creating a nice melody to latch onto while perhaps lending a touch of melancholy. Rromarin’s vocals are gorgeous and, in my opinion, suit the track’s vibe perfectly, so much so that I prefer them over the original’s – they feature almost in a muted but intimate way, hypnotic, alien, mesmerising, and carry us through brilliantly right through to the track's last beat.

Its incremental progression from slow to fast, and its mood changes from melancholic to feverish to euphoric and back is handled with so much skill here – frankly, I’m super impressed. The song heats up with some snappy snares and dancier, faster beats after the initial opener. There are no guitars in this one with Kult Kyss instead opting to rebuild the track in their own unique way. Especially impressive is the slow interlude, in the lead up to which all tension seems to shore up and just hang, burgeoning and circling above in what feels like a cavernous dance room until you're basically just begging for the drop. And when it arrives, the song radiates energy, with its various elements blending into a sonically rich and satisfying experience.

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Kult Kyss had a prosperous 2017, being featured as FBi Independent Artist of the Week and added to boutique label Kitsune's Hot Stream channel, as well as garnering significant attention from both national radio and online outlets. With this release, Kult Kyss set out on solid ground for the rest of 2018, and will soon be well on the way to cementing their niche in the world of Aussie electronic dance music. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us at their live show. See them perform at By The Meadow (VIC) in April.

Photo: Supplied